Why do I feel alone?

Life is a never ending list of things to do, but when everything stops – and it’s just you and your thoughts do you ever wonder: does anyone really care about me? Does anyone really notice me? Does anyone really love me?

Of course we can distract ourselves from these thoughts with all sorts of entertainment, food, even friends! But it’s always there, this niggling feeling at the back of our minds that no one really understands me. We feel alone. Life feels like one big inside joke that everyone else ‘gets’ and I’m just the punchline.

There are times when it seems people really do want to know me – but it often feels like they just want me for what I can give them.

There are other times when we push people away. We feel overwhelmed by the guilt and shame of our past and we believe no one could possibly want to be with me if they knew what I am really like. We’d rather keep people at arms length, rather than let them in and have them leave.

And so even when we are surrounded by those we love most, there is still a part of us we keep from people. We put up walls and it feels like no one will ever be able to know the real ‘me’.

We are alone in our own skin – like a space man floating alone in the void.

We scream out for help. We don’t want to be alone anymore. But no one can hear our cry.

Jesus hears

But what if someone could hear you? What if someone could get into your skin and understand what it’s like to be you? Knowing all of your deepest desires and secrets?

If that was possible then you wouldn’t be alone anymore, there would be someone who REALLY does understand you! And the good news is – that’s exactly what Jesus has done!

At that first Christmas Jesus entered into our humanity. God became flesh! That means so much but the bottom line is this… Jesus has come close to you, and He knows and understands you.

You are not alone

Now you might think: “if Jesus can really see all of my deepest darkest secrets… why would he hang around? Surely Jesus doesn’t want to have anything to do with someone like me?”

That’s where you would be wrong.

Yes – Jesus is the perfect Son of God, full of light and life. He has never done anything wrong, never even made a mistake. But Jesus didn’t come to judge us, he came to JOIN us.

He made our problems HIS problems. He made our mess HIS mess… He even made our sin to be HIS sin. And then He dealt with it.

On the cross Jesus took all of our mistakes, all of our bad decisions, all the times we’ve let people down and hurt them… He took all of it, and He killed it! He took it down to death and he left it there, so that we could be free of it. And then He came back to life to show us how to live.

Jesus has heard our cry!

Jesus has broken through into our flesh! He has come to show us that life doesn’t have to be a struggle if we walk with Him!

For Jesus, life is not a struggle, everything makes sense to Him and everything works for Him because it was all made by Him and for Him! In fact He even made you! And so your life will only begin to make sense when it comes home, and finds its place with Jesus!

And that’s why Jesus came – to bring you home! He doesn’t want you to be alone, He wants to bring you into His family. He wants to give you a fresh start and show you how to live life to the fullest!

Jesus sets us free from a past that we cannot change and opens up to us a future in which we can be changed!

When we walk with Jesus it doesn’t mean that our problems and struggles go away, but He promises that neither will He! Even when life gets hard, and everyone else leaves – He will always be there to give life and help to those who call on Him!

You never need to be alone again if you walk with Jesus!

If you want to know more about Jesus and how to live life with Him come to church.

We meet every Sunday 10am at Dean Field School

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