Why do I feel alone?

Life is a never ending list of things to do, but when everything stops – and it’s just you and your thoughts do you ever wonder: does anyone really care about me? Does anyone really notice me? Does anyone really love me?

Of course we can distract ourselves from these thoughts with all sorts of entertainment, food, even friends! But it’s always there, this niggling feeling at the back of our minds that no one really understands me. We feel alone. Life feels like one big inside joke that everyone else ‘gets’ and I’m just the punchline.

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Book: Spread the Word by Michael Keiser

Reclaiming the Apostolic Tradition of Evangelism

Does “Orthodox evangelism” sound like an oxymoron? It shouldn’t. The Orthodox Church has an unbroken tradition of evangelism that goes back to the Apostles. But Orthodox evangelism does look rather different from the Protestant variety.

With his characteristic straight­forward and humor­ous style, Fr. Michael Keiser covers the history of Orthodox evangelism, the rationale and the methods for continuing this tradition in our contemporary Western post-Christian society.

– From the back cover

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Easter Garden Evangelistic Event

This Easter we ran an evangelistic event which was to run a stripped back version of ‘stations of the cross’. The stations of the cross became a way for devoted Cristians to ‘pilgrimage’ to Jerusalem. The word “station” comes from the Latin word that means “to stand.” In the stations of the cross we are walking from Christ’s trial to his crucifixion at Calvary and we stop and stand at certain sites (stations) that commemorate various events that took place along the way. As the worshippers come to each station, they would stop, pray, read the Scriptures, pray the prayers and contemplate the situation before moving on. Walking from one station to the next becomes a devotional act, because you are walking with Jesus as he walks to Calvary.

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