Why do I feel alone?

Life is a never ending list of things to do, but when everything stops – and it’s just you and your thoughts do you ever wonder: does anyone really care about me? Does anyone really notice me? Does anyone really love me?

Of course we can distract ourselves from these thoughts with all sorts of entertainment, food, even friends! But it’s always there, this niggling feeling at the back of our minds that no one really understands me. We feel alone. Life feels like one big inside joke that everyone else ‘gets’ and I’m just the punchline.

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North Halifax needs Jesus

The kids were excited by the sight of a policeman on their walk to school this morning. As they walked past Rach realised that the whole street on our corner had been cordoned off. It was open last night when Rach had been along there to pick up some tea from the chip shop – so something must have happened over night. Apparently the only thing the kids at school wanted to talk about was what might have happened.

This afternoon we found out that a young lady, only 23, was stabbed to death there at 5:30am this morning, and boy of 16 has been taking into custody over the incident.

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