North Halifax needs Jesus

The kids were excited by the sight of a policeman on their walk to school this morning. As they walked past Rach realised that the whole street on our corner had been cordoned off. It was open last night when Rach had been along there to pick up some tea from the chip shop – so something must have happened over night. Apparently the only thing the kids at school wanted to talk about was what might have happened.

This afternoon we found out that a young lady, only 23, was stabbed to death there at 5:30am this morning, and boy of 16 has been taking into custody over the incident.

This is our community. This is where we live. This is who we love. This is why we’re here.

There is nothing we could have done to stop this from happening, and there is nothing we can do now to reverse this tragedy – but we know the one who can – the Spirit filled man. The one who is filled with life without measure, the most human person who has ever been – Jesus.

Today we are reminded why we are here. We are here to proclaim His life.

Have no doubt – the gospel would have stopped this tragedy. Because the gospel turns murderers into life bringers, peace makers and feet washers. We are all murderers, we all kill with our words, and our gossip; our slander and our meddling. But Jesus breathed his life into us, and by the power of his Spirit we are made new, we are filled up with resurrection life and brought in, to enjoy the perfect loving life of the trinity.

But not only does Jesus turn us murderers into life-bearers; Jesus also gives life to the murdered that no weapon can take away. The life that flows out from the Spirit filled man can not be stopped, or ended; curtailed or paused! It couldn’t be pushed back by a Roman cross, and it can’t be stopped by a Halifax knife. We want our people to have this life! To know the peace, and hope and joy that this life brings; especially in a world of death, violence and uncertainty.

Our community is dying, it needs Jesus – it needs his church.

Pray for us, and pray for our community. Pray for justice, and pray for life.

There is life that only Jesus gives. There is hope that only Jesus brings.

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