Easter Garden Evangelistic Event

This Easter we ran an evangelistic event which was to run a stripped back version of ‘stations of the cross’. The stations of the cross became a way for devoted Cristians to ‘pilgrimage’ to Jerusalem. The word “station” comes from the Latin word that means “to stand.” In the stations of the cross we are walking from Christ’s trial to his crucifixion at Calvary and we stop and stand at certain sites (stations) that commemorate various events that took place along the way. As the worshippers come to each station, they would stop, pray, read the Scriptures, pray the prayers and contemplate the situation before moving on. Walking from one station to the next becomes a devotional act, because you are walking with Jesus as he walks to Calvary.

We wanted to use this same idea to invite people in to experience that first Easter. To pilgrimage with us, and see Jesus in all His glory!

We had four stations (craft tables) and helpers at each table who would read the section of the Easter. Story that relates to their part of the craft.

Table 1The gardenFill and decorate pot
Table 2The Governors houseCut out and decorate ‘Barabbas’
Table 3The CrossCut out and decorate the cross with ‘Finished’
Table 4The TombPlant and water your seed in the soil

At table one they learn that Jesus is perfect innocent, but was betrayed, and that He prayed to His Father for help.

At table two they hear that Jesus is the innocent one who dies so that the guilty one can go free. Just like Jesus took Barabbas’s place – He also takes our place – He dies so that you can go free. They are encouraged to draw the freed Barabbas figure as themselves, the one who is freed because Jesus has taken their place.

At table three they experience the death of Jesus on the cross. They learn that Jesus defeated the devil and that it is finished.

At table 4 they learn that the cross was not the end but that Jesus rose in victory over the grave! As they plant their seed in their easter garden they are told that as they watch and wait for their seed to sprout to remember that Jesus was the seed that was planted into the grave, but burst out of the earth in new life! And He wants to share that life with you!

They then put a ‘plant label’ on their pot summarising the 4 truths they have learned about.

Along side this main event we also had free refreshments, easter biscuit decorating and easter colouring to do before and after.

Please feel free to use any of the resources attached to this page if you would like to do something similar next Easter.

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